Thymol is derived from the oil of the common herb, thyme.  Thymol is recognized for its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and even anti-itch properties.  As a prescription, the medication is often expensive. However over the counter Listerine contains Thymol and is cost effective alternative.

For Scalp

A reasonable therapy for scalp itching and folliculitis.

  1. Use shampoo and conditioner as usual

  2. Using spray bottle spray Listerine to scalp and gently massage to spread evenly

  3. Wait 1 minute before rinsing with water

  4. Repeat Daily

For Nails

No topical treatments have 100% success rate for nails but Thymol can be used to treat fungus with variable results.  It will take months for improvement to be seen.

  1. Use a medicine dropper to apply Listerine on and underneath the affected nails daily

  2. OR Soak affected nails for 5-10 mins daily

What to purchase

Listerine “Naturals” is recommended because it does not contain dyes and is available at most pharmacies.

*Special thanks to our trusted colleague, Dr. Jenna Beasley of Florida for this excellent tip.

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Clear Listerine naturals contains Thymol.

Clear Listerine naturals contains Thymol.