Friends of Live Oak Dermatology:

Traveling? Moving out of state? We are frequently asked for recommendations for a Dermatologist in areas outside Atlanta. Below are a list of trusted friends of Live Oak Dermatology to continue your care.

Colorado, Aspen: Dr. Brooke Walls - Aspen Center for Cosmetic Medicine and Dermatology

Florida, Tallahassee: Dr. Cynthia Tie - Skin Cancer Associates Center for Cosmetic Enhancement

Maryland, Bel Air: Dr. Sarah Cannon - Cannon Dermatology

Michigan, Bloomfield Hills: Dr. Linda Chung Honet - Honet Dermatology Cosmetic

New York, New York: Dr. Doris Day - Day Dermatology and Aesthetics

New York, New York: Dr. Shari Marchbein - Downtown Dermatology

New York, Rockaway Park: Dr. Ritu Saini - Murray Hill Dermatology

Pennsylvania, Philadelphia: Dr. Clifford Perlis - Keystone Dermatology Partners

Rhode Island, East Greenwich: Dr. Caroline Chang - Rhode Island Dermatology Institute