Dermatographic Urticaria

dermatographismoriginal photo.jpeg


Dermatographism is the most common form of inducible urticaria.  The diagnosis is a descriptive one describing hives (urticaria) induced by writing (graphism) on the skin (dermis). Itching may or may not be present.


The exact cause is unknown but the symptoms are a result histamine release from a special type of immune cell.  


Asymptomatic cases may not require treatment.  H1 Antihistamines such as (Allegra and Zyrtec) taken daily can help prevent or blunt the effect of the dermatographism.  Avoiding trauma and wearing loose fitting clothing may help prevent exacerbations.


Dermatographism is a benign disorder that may last years or throughout a lifetime.  Rarely in certain individuals it may prompt a search for associated factors such as a medication reaction or intestinal parasite if clinical conditions dictate.  

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